How to bid your desire item here?

1. Sign up as member of XelaBook.
  • E-mail your Name, E-mail Address, HandPhone Number, and Address to "".(Please stated on the e-mail title as " XelaBook member application")
  • Post a comment here and stated that you had sent your application with just list out your Name. (Please do not include your Hand Phone Number and your e-mail in the comment to prevent spam ,as well as privacy issue.)
  • You will get a respond e-mail with a member ID, and you can start to bid for your items here.
  • Please repeat the above steps again,if your do not get any respond e-mail after 3 days time.
2. Please place your bid by posting a comment post on the selected item, if you found your favorite item here. The bid format should be as bellow:
Member ID :   
My Bid Rate : RM

3. The waiting time for every bid is 14days , started from the date of your bid comment post.
Your bid will be automatically invalid ,if there is other higher bid comment post within the 7days waiting period. And you may choose to post another higher bid or give up the item.
Your bid will be automatically successful, if there is no other higher bid comment post within the 7days waiting period. And you are require to make the payment as well as collect your item.

4. The payment of your successfully bid should be (=) your bid rate adding (+) the delivery fee as stated in the item post and also adding (+) sub-charges (if any).
 5. Please make payment by online transfer, within 24hours, after getting our confirm notification of the successfully bid. Your bid will automatically invalid if we do not get your payment within 24hours.

Come back to enter “Payment Notification”, wait for shipment. We will deliver your order within 2 working days. Alternatively, you may collect your item personally.

You may send an e-m to us at "" or live chat help with GTalk ID ""

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